The growing need to preserve our cultural heritage is causing a rise in the demand for increasingly accurate cleaning techniques, featuring high selectivity and low impact.


Upon request, up to 18 sensors of various sizes may be installed. All the sizes are measured with much higher sensitivity and accuracy than the standards applied in Europe. BlackBox is provided with a software to set the data to record, assess how well the system is working, download and analyze the data recorded. The program allows to select the most useful parameters to give the user an instant outline of the most important events occurred during the recording of the details. Black Box traveled with Leonardo da Vinci’s Annunciation in its journey to Tokyo.


  • It records all the information regarding the transportation and/or exhibition of artworks.
  • Up to 360h autonomy
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Input sources up to 18 sensors
Sampling rate programmable, up to 100 Hz
Memory capability secure digital memory card, up to 2 Gb
Battery operating time up to 360 h
Connectivity USB - UHF - GPRS IRDA - RS232
Integrated sensors type temperature, humidity, pressure, visible light, IR light, UV light, RGB light, triaxis acceleration