The growing need to preserve our cultural heritage is causing a rise in the demand for increasingly accurate cleaning techniques, featuring high selectivity and low impact.


The system is compact and lightweight and the beam delivery through a 1500μm optical fiber allows freedom of movement and ease of use. Thanks to this versatility EOS QS allows the cleaning of stones, metals, wood, gilt objects, frescoes and painted surfaces.


  • system with two temporal regimes: Q-switch and Short Free Running;
  • beam delivery through optical fiber;
  • compact and versatile laser;
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Wavelength 1064 nm
Pulse duration SFR mode: 30 - 100 μs QS mode: 15ns
Maximum energy per pulse SFR mode: 1 J QS mode: 140 mJ
Energy SFR mode: selectable between 50÷500 mJ (step 50 mJ), 600 ÷ 1000 (step 100 mJ), QS mode: 10÷120 mJ (step 10 mJ)
Repetition frequency selectable between single pulse, 1 ÷ 10Hz, 15Hz, 20Hz
Spot 1.5 - 6 mm
Beam delivering 1500 μm optical fiber, 3 m long
Handpiece variable focus
Beam profile homogeneous
Aiming beam diode laser 3 mW (635nm)
Mains supply 230 V - 50/60 Hz, 8,5A
Dimensions 23x65x68 cm
Weight 40 kg
Laser shutter controlled by footswitch
Cooling circuit sealed with heat exchanger (air/liquid)